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Imarisha Sacco journey that started with a handful of members who vigorously campaigned to attain the one hundred minimum membership required for the registration 40 years ago now stand as towering financial figure in Kericho County.

With members reaching over 75,000 and an asset base of over kshs.10 billion, the Sacco becomes one of the top financial institutions that contribute not only to the economic livelihoods of Kericho County people but to the country at large.

The Sacco is now at the heart of active business, working and farming community in the region besides impacting positively on lives of members within its catchment areas. “We can today confidently say, we are contributors to this economy and despite challenges, It has taken the efforts and commitment of the board, Management and staff to get this level”, Says Sacco Chairman Mr. Mathew Ruto.

Key pillar and a driver of the county’s economy

Our strength, the Chairman added has been through prudent financial management, adopting to the dynamics in the Sacco movement to remain relevant and responsive to the environment, Imarisha Sacco impressive financial performance has had huge impact on the lives of its members and the county residents.

Against all odds

Today the Sacco have surmounted huge competition from the banks and micro-financial institution, regulatory policies among other challenges to remain stronger.


With its mission to empower financially, this spirit coupled with servant leadership has propelled the Sacco to an enviable membership of over 75,000 members.

Initially the Sacco registered as Kipsigis teachers’ society, then serving teachers only , today having opened its doors to the salaried from all sectors , businessmen, individuals, the Sacco has membership from all walks of life.

Kenyans in Diaspora

’’The society recently identified a niche for growth that is the Diaspora membership. This is a new spring that will ultimately inject growth impetus to the Sacco”, says Chairman Mr. Mathew Ruto.

He added that Kenyan in diaspora was keen on investing home noting that facilities such as asset financing were among the key ventures for the diaspora members.

Sacco role in devolved system of government.

The Sacco role as a savings and credit society is critical, the residents business and the working community have found a trusted partner to save their hard-earned money and borrow for personal growth and development.


The greatest impact is visible in the areas of education, whereas the Sacco is open to all, teachers take the larger membership slot. Education loan facility has enabled parents take their kids to school while development loans on the other hand has seen investment in education institutions as well as other ventures


Infrastructure is critical in the development of any nation, the ability to move and be housed in decent environment is a contributor to economic growth, to achieve this the Sacco offers contractor loans to contractors to do business and to improve roads thus impacting on the business and agricultural activities.

 Agricultural activities.

Farming community has been able to smile all the way to the bank because of friendly lending relations it has had with the Sacco. Subsistence farmer Caroline Koech says, “with Kilimo advance and Kilimo loans she was able to plant her maize on time and buy animal feeds”. The same story is repeated among farmers in the region.


The magnificent and towering Imarisha Sacco co-operative house project the KEBO PLAZA comes in handy to provide the much needed business space for SMES. The building has become beautiful landmark in Kericho County and currently housing business units, government agencies, parastatals and private offices.

According to the Sacco Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mathew Rotich, the building is a shining example of how Sacco and members brought change to the face of the county and gave opportunities to thousands of investors to do their businesses.

The Imarisha KEBO plaza which is a member’s project was officially opened on 9th December, 2016 by His Excellency, the president of the Republic of Kenya Hon.Uhuru Kenyatta.

Health provision.

A healthy workforce is a dream of any employer, Imarisha has steadfastly contributed to this.

 Pongea medical fund, product has gone a long way in assisting members faced with challenges of footing medical bills for treatment of illnesses that require referrals for advanced treatment. The maximum cover per member is Ksh.1, 000, 000 and Ksh.1, 500,000 for cancer cases.

Nhif services.

The Sacco has signed an MOU with hospitals to offer NHIF services to its members this will go along in supporting government efforts for universal health coverage.

Customer education

The Sacco has been on a give and take charm offensive to woo customers; the marketing department has been to schools, institutions, conducted workshops on wealth creation and taking knowledge to masses on how to harness and use locally available resources.

Branch network

With its economic impact, the Sacco is casting its net wider to net more members.

Sacco Head office situated in Kericho has expanded to eight branches in Bureti within Kericho County), Bomet, Mulot, Ndanai (Bomet) County), Keringet (Nakuru County), Awasi (Kisumu County) and Nandi Hills (Nandi County) and will soon open a branch in Eldoret.

Marketing outlets

Imarisha CEO adds that the planned Introduction of marketing outlets in Nairobi,Kilgoris and Nakuru and the operationalization of Narok Town, Eldoret, was part of a wider strategy to increase membership.


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